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Friday, May 13, 2005


Finished the camica today. Finally. I've been letting it languish, cuz i had a secret fear that the neckline band i embroidered for hours and hours was too small. However, I think it turned out to be a decent size. I coulda made it a little bit wider, but its more than functional as is. I love the way my curly edging turned out, even though manipulating it around the sewing machine was an asspain. But it looks just like that portrait from waaaaay back in my blog. Finally.

And how did I end up working the wristycuffs? They had to be expandable so i could get my chubby little hands through. And i wasn't in the mood for eyelets. I ended up with ribbon loops on one side and loose ribbons on the other. Works for me, and I think its kinda cute.

I was planning on doing a straight stitch in the rust color around the edge of the cuffs to make a border and cover the machine stitiching. But I'm also kinda liking it sans border. Thoughts, anyone?

Also, I managed to attach the ribbons to my sleeves for attachment. They won't be this long, and they won't remain loops, but I need to make the points of attachment on the dress, and i'll do all necessary trimming then. Each ribbon will also get a cutesty little pearl at the bottom.

Here are both sleeves completed (except for bottom hem) on the dress. Notice how i gracefully lift one arm to show off the camica poof ( great idea, beth). Also note the curly edge of my camica sleeve peeking out from the bottom of the green sleeve. I'm gonna hem the sleeves to the ideal length for this. I think its cute, like a ruff, and I didnt' even have to make a real ruff. Mwaaaah-ha-ha-ha-haaaa.

And what happens when i wear my dress sans sleeves with the new super fabricy camica? Well, the extra sleeve fabric is so much that it covers my hands. I fix that by pulling said sleeves through the straps and looking a little Dangerous-Beauty-esque. Functional. And I really did see this in a portrait on Realm of Venus on the camica page. Notice my loyal hound:

All that's left are the sleeve attachments and hem. Before I hem I need to complete the roped petticoat. So, petticoat is my plan for tomorrow. I've also got accessories to do: fan, veil?, partlet, girdle, purse, but i can do those a bit more slowly, and they're not ABSOLUTELY necessary to wear the dress. ;-) SOOO close to done. sorta.


Blogger Beth said...

You camicia is just exceedingly beautiful. I particularly like the curlique wristycuffs. I vote for no red line border, but I couldn't really say why. It looks nicely balanced now; perhaps I'm afraid more will be too much.

The ribbon loops deal on the wrists was how I did Aaron's shirt actually. Only I put loops on both sides and did a criss-cross lacing. Which is no doubt not remotely period, but it was cute and versatile. I'm currently trying to convince myself that eyelets are worth the bother. Bleh.

Did you end up using the eye loops to attach the sleeves? I can't tell from the pictures? Did it work well?

9:42 AM  
Blogger Julebug said...

I actually didn't attach the loops yet for the sleeve stuff. So hopefully it'll go according to plan. Part of the reason i put the whole ensemble on last night was so Adam could help me mark where the ribbons should tie on. I also decided using the eye part of the hookneye would be dumb, as my pearls (on botton of ribbon) don't fit through. I went out and bought some sort of bone ring instead. I think its supposed to be for use in crochet or knitting? I'm gonna sew those on tonight and just hope they work, cuz i don't feel like lacing all into that again. hehe

10:27 AM  
Anonymous niter said...

Ah now I see why you were alarmed as to why I was not about yesterday....there is no way I would have ignored such a lucious posting willingly!!!

The dress has come together quite lovely, and my first impulse was an strong NO to a border on the cuffs. I find it very well blended and lovely sans border. No reaon to draw attention to the fact that the strip is added on. I agree also with Beth's comment of balanced.

1:10 PM  

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