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Monday, May 02, 2005

Venetian Neglect

Yes, I've been blatantly neglecting my dress diary for sometime. I apologize to any "regular" readers that I may have disappointed during my time off. I was sick of handsewing the skirt onto the bodice, and had to put away for quite sometime. I did use the time to alter some cute clothes I picked up on shopping trips--"tall" pants were on sale (i usually buy "short"), and rather than miss out, i figured i'd buy em and hem to my short legs. I also finished the blackworking for my camica, but still need to attach the bands to the camica.

This weekend I had my wisdome teeth removed, and I figured that the painkillers could take the edge off of jaw pain AND handsewing....

With this in mind, I decided that the original way that I was attaching the skirt was more work than I cared to do and was overly complicated. I ripped it all out and decided to attach the cartridge pleated skirt the old fashioned way (like this). I think I might have made more work in the end, when you account for all the seam ripping. Oh well, I never said pain killers made me LOGICAL....

I also started cutting and attaching guards from the red floral fabric to put on the bodice. Tonight I'm working to attach the skirt to bodice and to attach the guards to bodice. No pics yet, but as soon at its reasonably together, I will post some.


Blogger Beth said...

well yay! i was cartridge pleating last night too. ridiculous process really. especially since my cat wanted to be pleated in as well!

10:07 AM  

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