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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bodice Bruhaha

Tonight I thought it'd be good to work up my bodice for my practice dress.

I had my lining cut out from yesterday, so I figured I'd do a "final" fitting with it before proceeding. To this end, I sewed the shoulder seams together, basted some eyelet ribbon on (an ingenious find from our fabric store weekend ) and roughly laced it to make sure it fit. It seems workable to me:

back--the wrinkles will go away when there is boning on the lacing edges--ick--pardon the underarm back fat. Hope that doesn't keep happening. The lining is not actually crooked either, that is simply an artifact of the way i crookedly sewed on the lacing strips--hey, I said it was rough..... Contrary to what it looks like, there is a back point, but its kinda lost in the wrinkling--hope that gets better. If the point is still too small (despite lengthing it from my original pattern), I will just make it more pronounced on the "real" dress.

front --good view of the general shape. The shape will no doubt be smoother with boning in and corset under--also more conical(less boob bump). This is a great start, I think. Don't worry, the neckline will be lower once the whole dress is together--I've got some seam allowance still on top there. I like cleavage. ;-) The waistline will come up to a more flattering level when the seams go in, too.

Since the lining was workable, I took to cutting out the interlayer so I could make the boning channels. The interlayer is white denim (leftover from my corset), and was cut with the same bodice pattern. I clean finished the edges to prevent fraying, and pinned my lining and interlayer together. Then I took my ruler to draw my boning lines. These are where I decided to put them--notice, I am gonna try taking the boning up over the shoulders for wide-set strap stability:

boning placement

I went out tonight and bought zipties for cheaper boning. I got some mighty 24 inch long ones, and I think they will work quite nicely (thank you Beth!). Now I just need to find a tool I'm willing to dull cutting them to the right sizes.

Overall, I'm happy with tonight progress. Tomorrow, perhaps I will get as far as cutting out the outer layer of bodice and starting the assembly process. How exciting.


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