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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Necklace Spree!

Today, I went out for lunch with my whole family for my youngest sister's birthday. She's 17! Its so weird--she still feels 8 to me...and she'll love that I put that on the intraweb!
Anywho, after the lunch, my other two sisters and I decided to peruse the mall (my sister had to do an inventory in a store there at 6, and we decided to help her kill the time). We stopped in the Icing store (conveniently the one sis had to do inventory in...), and I found some kick-ass-awesome jewelry!

I think this might be courtesan usable--especially the first--the pearl one. But I'm putting them both online to show off cuz they're awesome. They were from the Icing's vintage collection that is now going extinct. So I got each necklace for $3, and the matching earrings for $2.50 each. I thought that was pretty good considering the normal prices ($12/necklace, $5/earring). Score!

I think the above is so much like some portraits I've seen. And the green jewels should accent the red dress nicely.

And this was just too cute not to buy.


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