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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More Camica Fun

Well, I was "sick" again today. I just couldn’t bear to get outta bed. And what do you think happened?! Well, I sewed, of course. This dress is gonna get me fired. ;-)

I finished sewing the bulk of the camica together. Then I played with possible neckline treatments on some scrap fabric I had. I think I will end up doing a tight clean finish (think appliqué look) on the very edge. Besides looking nice, I think it’ll cause a curly frill, and should look much like the painting below. Next to it is my swatch of experimentation. When I really do this, i'll most likely use a gold thread for the edging, instead of garish purple-pink.

Palma Vecchio: La Violante

Besides the frill, I’d like to include a solid band over the gathering stitches, perhaps a band with some decorative stitching like this portrait:

Jacopo Robusti - Il Tintoretto: Flora

Whether I’ll do the decorative stitching by hand or cheat and use one of my fast and easy machine stitches is yet to be seen. I do have 9 months, so I could afford the handwork. We’ll see…

Other than that, I decided to go back to my chemise to hem all appropriate edges. But before that I decided to REALLY finish the seams off good. That meant ironing the seams open and then folding over and ironing again to hide the clean-finished edges. I’m still paranoid about gauze fray, so I decided to stitch on the edges. What a difference this made! (see below, left seam super-seamed, right seam unfinished).

Unfortunately, my extra credit seam sewing meant I ran out of white thread and didn’t get to do any hemming. Oh well. I hate hemming anyway. I’ll do it later. Here’s a picture of my camica so far. Its not gathered anywhere, or hemmed. But you can get an idea, and you can see how fun and transparent it is.

More later. As I’ll be taking a hiatus on sewing until I have more thread, maybe I’ll post some concept/design posts for the next few days…
I know, "thread is cheap." But if I wait til Friday its 50% CHEAPER! ;-)


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