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Sunday, January 09, 2005

In the Beginning

Here goes....

I have been in love with the Renaissance Festival since high school. I have very fond memories of making my first costume with two dear highschool friends in my grandmother's chaotic sewing room. Looking back on it I remember how fun it was to be making uber-girly clothing that we normally can't wear in the 21st century (at least not without getting some very strange looks). I also think about my poor grandmother putting up with the three of us. She should be sainted.

In college, I had the pleasure of watching Dangerous Beauty for the first time. Besides educating me on how empowering it is to be a respectable whore whom occasionally deepthroats bananas, it piqued my interest in the clothing of the Italian Renaissance. Basically, I wanted one of those dresses. Really really badly....

And I still do. As I do not have funds to pay for a fancy seamstress, and I do have a bit of sewing experience, I've decided to try to make one. We will see how this turns out. Or if its any cheaper than just getting the friggin seamstress. My initial forays to the fabric store have cast doubt on the affordability of this project. Apparently I have expensive tastes...

First project will be the camica...Second, corset, I guess.


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