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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Boring Eyelet Update

My eyelets are finished. It took me god-knows-how-many-movies to get them all done. But they are adorable. I shall not bore with pics, as all the eyelets look much like the ones shown 2 posts ago. So, just picture that with thread covered eyelets on both sides... ;-) For reference, I used button thread at the wondrous suggestion of an accomplice--it is thicker and takes less stitching to completely cover the metal eyelet.

Also, if anyone endeavors to cover eyelets with thread like I just have, remember that if you watch movies during, you SHOULD NOT rent foreign subtitled flicks. Even if they are set in the period of the Italian Renaissance. I thought the costumes would inspire me. The major problem with my thought process is that its extremely difficult to sew around eyelets AND read subtitles at the same time. Unless you can manage to have your two eyes looking two different directions. Then it just might work....

This weekend I promise to start, if not finish, my roped petticoat. I'm gonna use some pink cotton shirting I already have, some sisal rope (hope this works) and a grossgrain ribbon in mauve for the rope channels. My plan is a gored skirt, and I need to sit down to figure out the circumfrence that I'm interested in. Don't want it too poofed/tudorish, as that's not really the style, but I do want some skirt support and not have the skirts constantly wrapping round my legs....


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