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Sunday, March 13, 2005

FunFilled Weekend

Greetings to my accomplices--I hope your drive home has been a smooth and enjoyable one--glad you're willing to drive so far for a visit! Oh, and sorry I forgot to give you your return trip chocolates (though that was suspiciously convenient, eh?). I think that means that the next time I come to visit you, I will have to make up for it by bringing you copious chocolates. Thank you again for all the wonderful gifts! I felt like it was Christmas. ;-) And Niter, glad I could unload my velvet upon you. hehe

For those of you not my accomplices, the three of us spent a very relaxing and yet fabric/trim- filled weekend together. We decided (rather at the last minute) to have a weekend of girliness, fabric sales, good food and just a *little* wine and karaoke thrown in for giggles. It was wonderful to finally be able to talk about design concepts in person (and with fabric swatches on hand, I might add). Sipping some great gourmet teas (from adagio.com--see button on left to get a coupon--shameless plug), and munching on strawberries and fancy pants chocolates seemed to complete the decadence of a weekend already dominated by decadent fabrics from various local vendors. The weekend got me psyched to sew again, which I'd been kinda putting off recently. Now I'm definitely feeling more motivated.

I was also extremely happy that the fabric store sales I promised did not leave my dear accomplices empty handed...that would have been not quite as fun, though I think we would've enjoyed ourselves with or without fabric purchases. After all, just looking and getting ideas is entertaining... But purchases are damn satisfying. Chuckle.

My personal "big" find was the fabric that I will slice up to make guard/trim for my dress. It is a dark maroony red wool--very soft and seems pretty fine (or so I think, don't know much about wool, actually). I got just under 2 yards of it (remnant), and I'm certain I will make that amount work for my purposes. Now that I have the main dress fabric and the trim, I will start considering the fabric to make my underskirt--currently I'm leaning towards trying a peachy golden hue, but I've not actually seen the three together, so that could change. Below is a pic of my orange dress fabric and red guard material. Notice how dear, long-haired Gurgi had to sit on the fur-attracting wool ASAP. I also bought two little fabric swatches that I'm considering for use in making flag fans or pursey-pouches. I don't really know their fate yet, but I liked em, and now they're mine. ;-)

dark red wool trim

A big bonus of our time together(for me at least) was that I had my bodice roughdraft pattern pinned up to fit me properly, and now I'm drafting the "final" pattern--thank you so much for your patience in helping me out with that, girls--especially Beth!! Hopefully, this means that in the next few days I will get a move on cutting out some bodice bits for my practice dress, and perhaps even *gasp* do some sewing!
Here is my pattern. I altered my corset pattern to get the general shape size, and experimented with adding the straps/back side lacing until I came up with something reasonable. Then dear friends helped me make it actually fit. Also, I love leftover christmas wrapping paper for pattern drafting. hehe


Blogger Beth said...

Many thanks to the gracious hostess! What Julie failes to mention is that she provided gourmet meals three times a day. How lovely.

I am sad that we didn't take a picture of the Dorothy-goes-to-the-renfaire bodice mock-up. *That* was pictureworthy.

Good Gurgi. Tribble has already put his furry behind upon my nice new ribbons.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Julebug said...

Yes, I was thinking the same, I should have thought to have one of you take a pic of my pattern all nicely pinned to me in all its teal-plaid picnic-tablecloth glory... Its a moment I will never be able to get back. ;-)

1:48 PM  

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