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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Fabric Craziness

Its official. I've gone fabric nutters! Let me bring you all up to speed. I have recently been not up to sewing my dress. Why? Well, I think its partly because I'm not sufficiently excited about my fabric (also cuz I've been busy, but you know...). So I've arranged a mutually beneficial fabric swap with an accomplice, and I've been questing for the "perfect" fabric...

Though the red velvet is lush I have never quite gotten over the fact that its not the color I wanted (the one it was in the store vs the one it is in sunlight and in normal houselighting). But I've also noticed courtesan-accomplice-friend looking up fabrics suspiciously similar to my velvet. Yes, slightly different shades of red but similar. Why? Because she has secretly coveted my fabric and I've known it all along... ;-) So I've decided, why have two similar dresses in a closeknit group of three when we could have 3 spectacularly different ones? You see, this situation gives me the perfect "out" from my fabric. I sell velvet to accomplice, and she is happy. I buy fabic I like better, and I am happier. Plus we get the benefit of all looking unique in our courtesan threesome.

So today I went shopping. I didn't buy anything. But I had fun badgering sales people for swatches. There is one store left to explore for Saturday, but here are my current contenders:

Front sides of all. that orangy one is really not that bright orange, but the flash reflected off it funny. Love the orange, its my fave--but also the priciest (and i am worried that the store doesn't have enough yardage--they informed me its the last of the stock). I put the orange on hold and will call them tomorrow to have 'em measure exactly how much they have--guy at the counter estimated 5-6. I think I can eek out a dress with 6 yards, less if i must, but really I don't wanna go much lower than 5.5. Cartidge pleating takes a bit, afterall... (the soup can is for online color assessment--stole the idea off ebay).

In the sunlight--this is more the "true" color of the orange fabric, except that the burgundy on it is lost in this pic, and in person its more like the first pic. So, combine the orange from this pic and the red on it in the first and you've got the fabric I'm currently lusting after...

Above are the backsides of all the fabrics (just as a point of interest) and some trim options--I'm liking the purple and orange idea right now. Sounds weird, but I really think it could work if done correctly. Niter--Don't you DARE say its hokie colors. You'll ruin my whole dress for me. I'll cry. I swear I'll cry.

frontsides and trim

orange and burgundy close--again, its not really that orange. I love the orange cuz its like a cut velvet. Very period. The background is like a dupioni silk look in terra cotta, and the burgundy is raised fuzzy velvet.

Here's the multicolored one up close. I love this color combo, and it would make the purple/orange trim options work quite well. The problem is that there are only 5 yards. Which makes it kinda last resort--its on hold just in case. I'd also like to mention that this one's woven design seems the least authentically period of the three.

Here's the burgundy/gold one up close. I am quite fond of it. They had 41 yards at the store, so yardage certainly won't be an issue. This is my surefire backup if the orange is too little yardage and I don't find anything better come my last fabric store foray on saturday. The slashy design in the burgundy background seems a little unperiod, but its subtle, and I still think this fabric could work spectacularly. The full print on it is gorgeously period--you can't assess its splendor from a small swatch.

Wish me luck on Saturday. To Rockville to visit the TWO STORY fabric store. I'm excited. Its supposedly huge. I've never been.


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