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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wish I Were a Yoga Master

Or mistress, I suppose.
Cuz last night I finished tacking my cartridge pleated skirt onto my makeshift waistband, and i can't get into it. Here is an amusing pic of me trying:

Since I can't yet model the skirt on my waist, hubby and I decided if I modeled like this i could be Van Helsing or Amadeus. Incidentally, this also gives a good idea of how much too long I made the skirt...Some major hem is required:

crazy skirt Posted by Hello

Of course, I knew I was gonna have to split the skirt to get into it for real wear. But I was hoping to be able to wriggle in and out for the practice dress so I wouldn't have to split the back sides and then repair them later and split the front when I alter the dress to front lacing.

Beth has suggested a leap of faith where i assume the bodice fits. well, it certianly seems too.... and start the ladder laced alteration now to only have to split the skirt once. I'm quite tempted...

Here's a pic of my tacking the cartridge pleated skirt to the waistband. I did three tacking stitches per pleat. Right sides together...

cartridge tacking Posted by Hello

Final matter:

Beth, here are my latest blackwork designs. I did the design alteration I was thinking of on the flaming onions--this way you can pick between two. This pic also has a background grid--look at the zoomed pic for more detail. Please note, though, that the grid we drew it on was 20 square/inch, and the grid in this pic is 10. But it will still give you a good idea of scale. The 20 square/inch was too pixelated to see in pics.

blackwork designs. Includes neckline idea, lemme know what you think.


Blogger Beth said...

I love it! The new modification is wonderful. Gives it that pulled-together look. I shall have to start it tonight so you can see how it comes out on fabric. Thank you a million times!!!

I wasn't thinking so much Amadeus or Van Helsing as Bela Lugosi in "Plan 9 from Outer Space." Or rather, as the guy who impersonates Bela Lugosi by holding a cape across his face through most of the movie. If you haven't seen this gem, you need to get some strong beverage of choice, lots of popcorn to throw at the screen, and someone to shriek with laughter with you.

11:13 AM  

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