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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mismatched Guards Are Period. I Hope.

Well, as promised, I worked on attaching the skirt to the bodice. That is now finished, though I'm unhappy with some aspects of it. I'll have to talk about that on a later post where i have a pic of me in it....

For now, here is the mighty....interesting...handsewing of the skirt to the bodice bottom, and also a good shot of how i cheated for the lacing inside. Ribbon strip that was pre-eyeleted. I had intended this only for practice lacings, but I'm feeling lazy, and no one can see this when I wear the dress. Its inside, afterall....


I was too lazy to lace it on this evening, but below's a pic of my progress thus far. The bodice, as you can see, is attached. And I cut guards from my red floral fabric. They were 2.5 inches wide before hemming, so I figure they're around 2 now. In retrospect, I figure i could've matched the floral patterns, but its probably more period not to, since they would've been scraps anyway.

I sewed as much on with the machine as was possible (around the boning) and then made sorry attempts at handsewing the rest. The handsewn bits amuse me. Especially when seen next to the machine stitches. hehe.

And here is my conundrum open to popular vote. I now have one guard. Shall i leave it as is, or add a second thinner guard a la this photo? I'm waiting to tally answers!



Anonymous niter said...

I am slightly confused....are you asking if you should an another matching guard to the one in the bottom picture or if you should add either at all?

If the former, certainly. If the latter, well, I like the extra guards.

The Symmetry Queen
Who Has Yet to Start on Her Symmetrical Gown

8:51 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

i vote for no second set of guards.

i like the look, but it just doesn't cry out "venetian" to me. although i'm sure that a counter-example could be found in the literature somewhere.

i'm certain that assymmetry in guard patterns is period. i'm a big fan of it.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh me too. i agree with that beth person. she definitely knows what she's talking about. and niter is wrong. hey look, two votes with beth.

-a loyal fan who is definitely not beth

9:59 AM  

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