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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Okay, so that's some premature celebration, since I still have to finish the camica, petticoat, sleeves, partlet, girdle, hemming....But at least I have a pretty dress that all can look at. Okay, I suppose the pretty part is a tad subjective, but if you disagree, you're wrong. ;-)

Anyway, I've been thinking about how to wear my split front dress, as the layering options can be difficult if one wishes to wear a corset and a camica. I know that typically the camica is worn immediately under the dress so the fabric shows on the front split. But I've also seen evidence that there were sometimes more intricate things under the ladder lacing. Like this one:

Sort of like a stomacher?

Since my corset is of a decorative fabric, I'm thinking it could work in the above fashion, and it might solve some of my layering issues. What do you think?:

Front view. I folded up the bottom hem for shits and giggles so I could get a better idea of what it'll look like after hemming. So really, this is pretty much what it'll look like finished (plus sleeves). I might add a second guard to the bottom a bit above the wide bottom one. Depends on fabric availability and motivation. I think I've decided not to add the second guard to the bodice for now. This is based mostly on laziness, but technically there were more votes to not add it anyway! ;-)

Here's the back. I thought about adding guards down the side back seams but then thought better of it. Note that my collar guards aren't as symmetrical i like, but i'm dealing for now. I figure I can't see it, and if it really bothers me later I'll fix it. ;-)

And now for the super nitpicky stuff. This bottom bothers me right now. The skirt slit does not come together right. I'll play with the slit (chuckle) and try to loosen the gathering strings so it comes together more attractively. If not, hook and eye will be the answer...

Here is the butt. It is giving me issues. The strange pucker on the point gets to me. I think its an artifact of the weight of the skirt and the way one must attach the cartridge pleating. even the strong boning down the middle of my back can't keep this from puckering in. The outcome is that its poking me right above my buttcrack. Yes, I know that is graphic. Sorry. But I welcome advice on how I might go about fixing this?

stupid butt

And my other nitpicking. Because I attached the lacing strips behind the egdge of boning on the bodice, I'm finding that the very edge has a tendency to bend out, so if you look form the side you can see in. I don't like this. I may have to sew on some ribbon to lace through secondarily just to hold down this edge. Something that can wait and isn't a huge issue, but I will get around to it eventually.

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Blogger Beth said...

julie, it's gorgeous. i hadn't pictured the bottom guard propertly at all, but i love the effect. now on to the nitpicking.

on the front point, i don't think you've got real issues. i think that a hook and eye on the *bodice* at the bottom may be the answer. you want to force the pink guards to meet at the bottom. that'll take some strain off of the lacing as well. i think that'll fix your slit problems.

on the butt boning, hmmm.....i see what you mean. i think mine was doing something funny last night too, but not in the same way. i left it to hang overnight. i'll check it out tonight and see if i can figure anything out. i do have one question though. you can see in the picture where your rows of gathering stitching are. it looks like in the center back they don't dip as low.....did you attach a little further up at the point or right on the point. hmmmm......this might be a case for "the dress engineer."

as for the lacing strips.....on that i think you're just being nitpicky ;)

3:28 PM  
Blogger Julebug said...

well, the bottom guard is VERY poorly pinned in the pic, so it will be straight at some point. But at least it gives an idea.

Let me know what the dress engineer says. I may still end up cutting out the lining to lessen weight, which could solve about 85% of the "crack" problem. Unless your much lighter weight dress has the same problem. In which case....hrm.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous the dress engineer said...

You said stupid butt. Have you checked out the transitive butt property?

Looking at Beth's point it looks like the outer fabric is sort of bridging across the butt boning, while it looks like the outer fabric on yours is stuck to the inner fabric. Not sure if that helps.

Heh. I said butt boning.

10:08 PM  

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