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Monday, May 23, 2005

There's No Place Like Home

Or like homosexual Africa*. This picture is a patterned-fabric-atrocity. I included it to entertain Beth. But this one is better than when you pinned me, cuz i'm wearing PINK LEOPARD PANTS!!! Ready to follow the yellow brick road towards jungle fever...

The point of this picture is...the point. Notice the more gradual buttpoint than on the green dress. And that the lacings have been moved significantly out to the side. This is my new bodice pattern for orange.

please ignore the icky fat bulges. Sigh...must work on that.

Anyway, the most interesting bit of sewing I've done was to sew the linings together and make boning channels. Which is none too interesting, actually, so I'm not bothering with a pic. Looks a lot like the pic that I took of that whole little process last time. I'm doing an interlining to hold the boning made from two layers of cotton denim, and the inner most layer I *may* line with some silky stuff, but as its been a bitch to sew thus far, I might jsut forgo that bit. Hell, 2 layers of denim and a layer of orange upholstery fabric is more than enough to keep me sweaty...

Tonight's plan is to work up the strip sleeve pattern so I can have all the pieces I need to VERY CAREFULLY layout my pattern and cut my dress from the limited yardage of orange fabric. To that end, I decided I should go get some tape for cutting and rehashing old patterns. Julie went shopping. Julie stopped at joanns. Julie forgot tape all together....

But I came back with dowel rods and cappers and trims, and a reasonably pretty mix for a flag fan:

I plan on doing some embroidery around the leaves with the gold floss, then edging the fan in the burgundy velvet with a lace edge. This will be my only homage to the venetian laces, as I have no plans on incorporating them into my dresses. And I guess I'll paint the dowel rod. Or i could stain it. But I have paint in my possession, and I'd have to BUY stain. That was an easy decision.

*not that there is anything wrong with homosexuals, Africa, or any combination thereof.


Blogger Beth said...

Julie, that picture is priceless. It's like Dorothy on crack. I like your buttpoint though; it should help reduce buttpucker. It looks like you did a good job of pinning without help.

Ugh. I just read that paragraph. It sounds like something is seriously wrong with one or both of us.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Julebug said...

Oh, its both of us, to be sure.

No pinning required, i simply added and subtracted on the edges of the one you pinned and trusted my math abilities (a gamble, I admit).

Oh, and I actually extended the point a WEE bit on the real deal. i think like 3/4 inches. I think that's still gradual and wide set enough to avoid the infamous buttpucker.

10:13 AM  

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