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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Strip sleeves

Wow, pattern drafting with julie is a lenghty business. I wanted to recreate the eleanora de toledo sleeves in this portrait:

eleanora Posted by Hello

I found a great dress diary wherein Jessamyn does a splendid job of recreating them (on an absolutely gorgeous dress, I must say). I love the way her pattern has the elbow curve accounted for, and something tells me this is more period than some of my other options. I found a great sketch for a similar style sleeve on Emmachia's free pattern page, and I used that to base my pattern off of. I figured if I could recreate a decent pattern from her sketch and then cut into fourths, I'd get close to what I wanted.

Many many drafts later, I ended up with what i hope is a suitable straight sleeve pattern, and I cut it into fourths and even remembered to add seam allowances!

I figured I should give it a test whirl before cutting the precious orange fabric:

In the real draft I will add more "pinch points", and most likely some sort of poof at the top. My concern is that they're too wide/roomy. I don't know if I should try to make them more fitted to my arm or not. Thoughts?


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