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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Limp Dress, Limp Fan

Chugging right along. 8 days till wear-time (assuming the rain gods smile on us). Tonight I hunkered down to do the girdle and the flagfan.

The girdle is made from plastic pearls from the cheap trim store nearby, red czech glass beads, black and gold plastic beads salvaged from a $1 goodwill necklace, and ouches from ebay that I previously antiqued with black glaze. Its all strung on copper wire. Here it is on my limp dress:

girdle Posted by Hello
I was especially proud of how I brought it together in the front. You probably can't tell, but the left side of the center is a necklace clasp for ease of dressing. Its ingeniously hidden. ;-) If by hidden you mean small....

girdle detail Posted by Hello

I also finally finished my flag fan. The gold outlining embroidery provided me much entertainment on subway rides. It also got me some rather strange looks. Oh well. The fan is from a swatch I bought at a going out of business fabric store (sob), edged with some lace and then covered with red velvet ribbon. I painted the dowel rod brown then put gold over for an antiqued look, though really it just came out looking like muddy gold. I'm so-so on this fan, the embroidery is regretted now, since i'm not too fond of the gold. And I made the tabs to loop onto the rod just the right tension so it doesn't swing freely, but it doesn't stay still either. Kinda a flaccid fan thing going. Hrm. Regardless, its done, and it'll look nice in pics.

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Blogger Beth said...

both girdle and fan are lovely. this is going to be stunning.

bet the back of the dress wasn't limp. ain't no way to make the back of that dress limp.

1:20 PM  

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