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Monday, June 06, 2005

Distractions Galore

This was quite the insanely busy weekend. We had afghani dinner plans friday(yum), a very long bbq party saturday--I got to meet one of my best friends' new niece. Absolutely adorable. The fattest cheeks I've ever seen on a baby. Cartoonish cuteness! Oh, and baby puke on my knee. Of course...
And today (sunday) we had dinner and a show with my family. The musical the lion king is just abosluletly breathtaking in its costumes/staging. Wow. I had tears. I'm not kidding. Perhaps it was cuz I was pmsing and therefore emotional. Still, it was beauteous.

The point? Well, there was very little time for sewing. A bad thing, considering I now have less than two weeks til the first wear date. Eeeek. I work well under pressure, though, so I should be okay. I did manage to finish covering all my eyelets, so that looks pretty sharp. And I'm still making headway on the flagfan embroidery. Inching every closer to finished. TOmorrow I hope to at least figure out the proportions I'll need to do my cartridge pleating, and hopefully get a few lines of running stitch in.

The other big reason that I didnt' sew much? Well, I was distracted by another project. My hubby will have the benefit of wearing my next project. Now that I feel his new attyre has been sufficiently planned I guess I can go back to finishing up my courtesan. I think I have costumers ADD.


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