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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

If Niter Insists

This is to prove to the insistent little niter that my evening of cartridge pleating was less than picture worthy. So how do I prove this? I take a picture. Ha. Not very exciting, is it?

cartridging--padded out with yellow felt a la Semptress. Oooh, I would like to point out my ingenious use of the tape guide. It keeps all my running stitches relatively straight and uniform, and you just move it down for the third row of stitches.

In other news, my buttons came yesterday! This means I am officially sticking with my strip sleeve plan, despite having some fickleness last week. I can't waste the buttons, now can I? I bought them after getting a hot ebay tip from Lydia, as well as some excellent detail shots of the gold and black eleanora di toledo portrait. I was originally going to look for buttons with pearls in the center, but then I got an actual look at eleanora's buttons:

eleanora button (pic courtesy of lydia--thank you!). Thus, I decided a pretty design on a little gold button is more than acceptable (and probably more correct), especially at 8 dollars for all the buttons I needed (plus some extras). I got these:

Sorry for the sorta crappy photo quality. My computer ate the good one, and I was too lazy to reload, so my diary sports choice #2. I got two sizes. The smaller are 1/2 inch diameter and will be the ones joining the strips of the sleeve down the length, and the larger ones are 3/4 and will be the buttons that I use to attach the tops of the sleeves to the dress straps. I'm actually thrilled that these buttons are reasonably close to the ones on the portrait. Um, except for the being acrylic part. But they do look convincingly like metal, even in person. So we won't mention their acrylic-ness ever again. ;-)


Blogger Beth said...

I thought that they were metal if that counts for anything....they're really pretty.

I like the tape guide idea a whole lot. I might have to be stealing that one on the next project. Oh, I mean the project *after* Aaron's new duds...right, yes, that's what I meant ;)

1:36 PM  
Blogger Julebug said...

Yeah, I find the tape takes the brainwork out of the handsewing as long as I set it up right. Not needing my brain while handsewing is very important. Handsewing alone is quite enough for me to handle... ;-)

8:47 PM  

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